The ex-husband of Spice girls soloist takes her to court

Бывший муж солистки Spice girls подает на нее в суд

Stephen Belafonte, who was the husband of the former soloist of group Spice Girls Melanie brown, filed a petition in court to have custody ex-wife over their joint daughter, which today is seven years.

On the side of Stephen got up tutor Russell Haltegriff who looked after her children. He claims that Melanie brown has a sexual and alcohol addiction. He also said that while Melanie was in intoxicated condition, she becomes aggressive and inadequate. Threatening and insulting others, it deals not reparable harm to their children. Russell Allegretto even had to protect the children from her mother.

From his words, from Melanie in the house were some strange men who behaved inappropriately with the girls Mel. He wants to seek sole custody over Steven’s younger daughter and all the ways to protect it from the harmful influence of the mother until until Melanie brown will not receive adequate medical care.

She also Mel b admits he is not mentally balanced person with an alcohol addiction, adding that doctors diagnosed her PTSD. Cause, development provides, she believes the death of his father from cancer and married life with Stephen, as he was constantly raised her hand and humiliated. Recall that the pair broke up in March last year through the judicial process for resolution, of which the Chalk had to pay 200 thousand dollars of compensation.

Last year, the couple was already embroiled in a scandal in which they accused their former nanny for sexual harassment.


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