The event of the Antique Cars in Bromont falls overboard

cause-meteo-evenement-voitures-anciennes(Bromont) Old Cars Quebec (VAQ) had to give up on their exposure under Bromont on Sunday due to the weather. A replay of the event is planned next year.

“It’s disappointing, but we had to cancel because of the rain, we would have had no car, argues the president of VAQ, Denis Valley. collection of cars and rain do not mix well, then it would have what? It would have been 12 cars at the most. ”

Mr. Vallée expected the presence of at least 200 cars in the parking lot next to the arena for the occasion and it is certain that the answer Bromont of the event was positive. “I had a lot of calls about exposure, I believe we would have had a lot of visitors,” he says, disappointed.

It is on the stroke of 10 pm that the organizing committee has decided to cancel everything. “It’s already in the plans to do it again next year, says Denis Valley. Why does not do later in the summer is that we are event every weekend. For example, the end of next week we are in Mascouche. ”

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