The Eurovision 2020 jeopardy: what happened

Проведение Евровидения-2020 под угрозой срыва: что произошло

In Amsterdam officially announced that the Netherlands will not be able to host the Eurovision 2020.

A week after Duncan Lawrence won a Dutch city announced its intention to host the contest next year. The mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema, at the end of may confirmed its interest.

The city has several suitable places, but a week before the deadline for submission of bids, it becomes clear that none of them is available. All of them are already reserved for other events or concerts, who can’t be moved. Concert hall Ziggo Dome, which was supposed to be the venue of the competition, was also unavailable.

Проведение Евровидения-2020 под угрозой срыва: что произошло

“This is due to bookings, which have been revealed in a careful study of the question, impossible to bear,” said the mayor of Amsterdam.

Several other cities also left the race, each had their own reasons. The biggest city of the Netherlands has expressed a desire to show the Eurovision on the big screen.

The venue of the Eurovision-2020 will be determined and released in August of this year. Well, since list of deleted Amsterdam, most likely to become the city of Rotterdam and the Hague. The list likely also includes Arnhem and Maastricht.

Проведение Евровидения-2020 под угрозой срыва: что произошло

Let us recall, the Eurovision song contest-2019 this year in the Israeli capital tel Aviv. One of the honored guests at the contest were the famous Ukrainian artist Verka Serduchka.

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The singer told about what they saw in Israel.

“Everything we do, only in Hebrew” – so Serduchka commented on the mess that is happening in our country, comparing Kiev and tel Aviv.

Very upset with the singer of local customs. Israeli border guards have been inspecting all the Luggage of the Ukrainian guests, and then started asking ambiguous questions, from which the performer felt like a criminal. “They put the question, that you don’t know what to do and how to answer them!”, – said Verka Serduchka.

She also spoke about the meeting with the Net Barzilai, thanks to the victory which the Eurovision song contest this year held in Israel. The girl immediately confessed that he is a fan of Ukrainian artist and during his service in the army was constantly humming the song Serduchka “Lasha Tumbai”. And this song has inspired e to take part in the competition with a “silly song.”

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