The EU is ready to allocate Ukraine a new tranche of these conditions

Евросоюз готов выделить Украине новый транш: названы условия

The European Union is ready to allocate Ukraine a new tranche, if our country fulfills several conditions

This was stated by Director General of the Directorate of the European Commission on the issues of the neighbourhood and negotiations on EU enlargement, Christian Danielsson, report “Ukrainian news”.

“We discussed the issue of macro-financial assistance of the EU, which in recent years has been a story of success in relations between Ukraine and the EU. We discussed the steps necessary in order to allocate the second tranche of this aid,” he said.

Евросоюз готов выделить Украине новый транш: названы условия

Specify that the official refused to name, with whom this issue was discussed. The amount of assistance to Ukraine of 500 million euros.

“This time to receive the next tranche identified a need for a law concerning the fight against money laundering, and the law which applies to automated economic operators. Another condition is that the functioning of the system of automatic testing of electronic declarations, the adoption of the medium-term reform plan for the Customs and Tax services and the implementation of the law on electricity market”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the IMF will provide Ukraine with $1.3 billion of credit funds in the near future. The money will not be despite the fact that the conditions to continue financing Kiev mostly fulfilled. There are several reasons. First of all, the exclusion of the Criminal code by the decision of the constitutional court article on liability for illegal enrichment. The IMF was very angered by this decision. Also, the Fund does not see any stability in Ukraine — Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has resigned, and the Parliament expect early elections.

Also, the IMF did not know what tactics will lead Vladimir Zelensky. It is this uncertainty that makes it impossible to Ukraine the next tranche under the stand by program, which Ukraine signed in December 2018. This 4-month program with a volume of $3.9 billion.

At the same Zelensky calm on account of the fact that Ukraine will not receive IMF tranche in the near future.

Ukraine in the short term will be able to keep macro-financial stability without the next tranche of the International monetary Fund, said the President.

“To cover debt payments on the bonds, we have the reserves of the Treasury Single account and a “safety cushion” in the form of more than $20 billion of foreign exchange reserves”, – said the adviser to President Vladimir Zelensky on macroeconomic policy Oleg Ustenko.

Евросоюз готов выделить Украине новый транш: названы условия

Recall that the dollar and the Euro “heavy”: the national Bank once again weakened the local currency.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has told about cooperation with the IMF: “All in the balance.”

Also Politeka wrote that the currency market panicked, the money ran out: “the rate rose, the exchange offices are closed.”