The EU did abolish bezveza for Ukraine: the scandalous details

В ЕС заговорили об отмене безвиза для Украины: скандальные детали

One of the EU countries spoke about the cancellation of visa-free regime with Ukraine due to the fact that we can supposedly become a “Trojan horse”

This was announced by the Minister of internal Affairs of Estonia, Mart Helme.

According to him, Ukraine, as soon as you get bezviz with the European Union, it will become a “Trojan horse”.

“Trojan horse including for Russia, because those who come here not so much Ukrainian as Russian in the East of Ukraine”, — he said.

В ЕС заговорили об отмене безвиза для Украины: скандальные детали

At the same time, Helme said that to abolish visa-free regime does not, however, “Estonia should be able to decide whom, in what quantity, for how long and on what terms to admit”.

As previously reported, the Ukrainians are now harder to pass in Europe, as the procedure will take more time and effort than before

About the limitations became known thanks to the Council of the European Union, which recently issued a statement on the official website. Now for visa-free entry to EU countries for Ukrainian citizens need a special permit.

Visa-free regime has become more difficult, as expected, it imposed new restrictions. Also reported that to obtain permission, you must pay 7 euros.

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If the permit is obtained, the Ukrainians still have to take a preliminary test on the case, if he’s going to enter the Schengen area visa-free regime. For special permissions Ukrainians must fill out an application via the Internet. The information provided will be automatically checked in databases of the EU and Interpol to determine whether there are grounds for refusal.

The information is then checked by special bodies of the European Union. In the case of suspected unreliability, data cross-check. Processing information may take up to 96 hours. The source informs that the special resolution will act or for three years or until the expiry of the passport. But having permission doesn’t mean that you can get into the European Union, as the final decision of the border service.

В ЕС заговорили об отмене безвиза для Украины: скандальные детали

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