The essay “Road to school” has become a new hit on the Internet

Сочинение «Дорога в школу» стало новым хитом в Интернете

The composition of an ordinary schoolgirl the other day literally blew up the Russian Internet community. Sure, many of you, this story will touch to depth of soul…

“When I go to school, I don’t look around, because to look at.

The journey takes 15 minutes. I walk down the narrow, slippery tracks, walk past the shop “Pyaterochka” and by his huge garbage, then past another garbage, standing near the houses. She flaunts right in the middle of the road, and she’s always swamped and always Smoking.

I pass the school yard No. 682, walk around the group of Smoking mothers, loudly discussing school. Go by the janitors with shovels, which I Dodge, rush kids with huge backpacks and walking cats. They are fun and beautiful. In the fall they were kittens. I’m curious to see how they grow.

Ruffled pigeons sit on wires and, perhaps, discuss if all is in order. Sometimes I see dead dove and crying.

I don’t like going to school. I like the road from school, especially on Friday. I don’t notice anything wrong. I see happy children, great in any weather Moscow sky and wonderful track, wonderful children’s playgrounds, working construction cranes and birds in the sky!”

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