The elimination of the leader of ISIS, the President was stunned by the confession: did not spare even the children, parts

Ликвидация главаря ИГИЛ, президент ошарашил признанием: не пожалели даже детей, детали

The leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi blew up a suicide belt when he tried to escape from the military through the tunnel

Politeka with reference to the telegram of the communication channels reports that Donald trump, the US President, announced the details of the liquidation of action.

Ликвидация главаря ИГИЛ, президент ошарашил признанием: не пожалели даже детей, детали

Noted that the leader of the group blew up a suicide vest, when he fled from the military through the tunnel.

Also noted that he eliminated the leader of ISIS in Idlib, Syria. Along with him were killed three children.

We have previously reported that In Syria during the liquidation of the head of the terrorist group “Islamic state” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was involved 12 U.S. helicopters and intelligence of Iraq.

It is reported that to eliminate the terrorist number one has helped the us military intelligence in Iraq. The special operation was conducted in the province of Idlib (10 km from the border with Turkey), where the last “point of accumulation” of terrorists.

In the liquidation were part of the “Forces of democratic Syria,” — stated the head of this organization Mazlum Abdi.

It is alleged that special operation was carried out 12 helicopters, two of which landed.

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According to preliminary data, as a result of the RAID killed 9 people, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, one of the subordinate leaders of ISIS Abu Amaan and one child and two women.

Ликвидация главаря ИГИЛ, президент ошарашил признанием: не пожалели даже детей, детали

Was the information that you know what a crushing blow to the Russian-terrorist units have applied intelligence group K-2.

In the framework of the military special operation soldiers of the APU managed to destroy three fire dot, one residential dugout. In addition, it was eliminated three terrorists.

“In the last video we tried to make you see that happening in firing positions at a time as the battle continues. And now we offer the result of fire damage of the positions of the mercenaries of the Russian Federation,” reads the caption to the video.

Recall that 14 dead bodies in the frontline, the situation on the border escalated to the limit

And Politeka wrote that the militants came up with a bust eliminated the leader, the Ukrainians laugh

Politeka also reported that the new “cargo 200” went to Russia, eliminated the controversial “Uncle Vova”