The elements is rampant on a popular Ukrainian resort: people EN masse are evacuated, the details of the incident

Стихия свирепствует на популярном среди украинцев курорте: людей массово эвакуируют, детали ЧП

In Turkey now in turmoil – turmoil touched and resort suburb

The country was gripped by large-scale fires. The fire had consumed almost the entire West and South of Turkey – rescuers can not cope — can’t put out for three days, is referred to in the local media.

“Large-scale forest fires have covered part of the country. Trees burn in the provinces of Istanbul and Izmir. In Izmir, the fire covered 500 hectares – there are dozens of thousands of rescuers”. It is known that the rescue operation involved 20 helicopters and 200 fire engines:

“The rescuers not to benefit from the strong gusty wind. The flames had almost reached residential homes.” At the moment it is known that near the resort of Bodrum people whose homes are located close to forest, were evacuated in order not to risk the situation remains fragile.

Earlier it was reported that due to bad weather conditions in Italy were significantly damaged houses, transport, flooded many streets. But the worst thing is that raging in the country, the hurricane claimed the lives of at least three people:

“In the area of Focene, Italy wind threw a passing car, killing 27-year-old woman who was driving. The girl tried to hide from the weather in the Parking lot of a gas station, but the wind had picked up a car and thrown to tens of meters for drainage channel2 — referred to in the message source.

In addition, the tragedy happened in the Italian Arezzo – it killed 72-year-old man:

“He was driving the car that smashed in the floods. Then the man got out of the car and washed it off with water. The body of a man found in the mud and among the debris near his car,” said local rescuers.

We also recall that in India has become a hitherto unknown anomaly:

“51 people were killed and nine were injured due to lightning strikes in two days in the States of Bihar and Jharkhand, located in Eastern India”.

Earlier it was reported that in the state of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India has killed 32 people. Enormous casualties were recorded in Bihar state – where 39 people died. In Jharkhand – lightning killed a 12:

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“The state government has decided to provide financial support to the relatives of the victims and provide the necessary treatment to the victims”, — stated in many reports on national TV India.

Стихия свирепствует на популярном среди украинцев курорте: людей массово эвакуируют, детали ЧП

Reminded about the incident, when the earth parted — formed deep, ugly pits, hundreds of people panicked and left without shelter. An earthquake in the region of Loreto in Northern Peru caused a lot of troubles.

Then one person was killed and 11 people were injured:

“Earthquakes with magnitude of 8.0 has destroyed more than 50 homes. Several schools, churches, hospitals, bridges and roads were damaged.”

We will remind, the bus with tourists was blown up in Egypt, everywhere the shrapnel and blood: scenes of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, the ferocious elements claimed the lives of five: “rescuers pull dead body.”

Also Politeka wrote that powerful element removes the city from the face of the earth: 63 dead.