The elements attacked the capital: the houses are destroyed completely, the tragedy was caught on video

Стихия атаковала столицу: дома разрушены полностью, трагедия попала на видео

Strong landslide damaged about 15 homes in one of the districts of the capital

In the result of a natural disaster some home was completely destroyed.

Authorities were setting up a temporary camp for the affected residents of La Paz (Bolivia), Minister of defense Javier Zabaleta.

The camp is located a few blocks from the scene of the landslide in the district of Sopocachi. It may be all people in need of overnight. They also receive medical assistance and food.

Стихия атаковала столицу: дома разрушены полностью, трагедия попала на видео

Information about the dead, missing or injured as a result of emergency from the public authorities were reported. Currently, rescue workers in the region are working at the scene.

Footage from the scene actively spread in the Network. The scale of the incident is striking – residential buildings fell like card.

We will remind, hurricane “Kenneth” fell on one of the areas of the country, killing a number of people

“The winds reached 220 kilometers per hour, pulling trees and tearing roofs off residential buildings. Some areas in the province of Cabo Delgado are still without electricity. Also, the authorities paparella that heavy rains could trigger landslides and floods,” — said in the message.

Note that the cyclone struck the Northern part of Mozambique, which killed at least five people.

Rescuers reached remote villages, whose inhabitants were cut off by the aftermath of the cyclone. About 30 thousand people were displaced from their homes to safer places.

Recall that Ukraine is waiting for a global flood: the residents of which regions is to be feared.

As reported Politeka, powerful elements wash away the city from the face of the Earth, footage of the accident: 63 dead.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine is threatened by flooding: dozens of cities could disappear from the face of the earth.