The electricity market it is necessary to introduce in a timely manner – Vasyl Kotko

Рынок электроэнергии необходимо вводить своевременно – Василий Котко

There are no obstacles to the timely introduction of the reform of the electricity market, it said on air “Channel 112” President “the First of the energy Association of Ukraine” Vasyl Kotko

“Now and do not delay. Why? Because it’s not that we didn’t have much time. In General, the preparation of this market, we have been doing for 17 years. Champions all over the world. We are the last to enter this market. But it is the law, this training was more than 2 years. At this time, all you could do, time was more than enough,” — said the expert, reports

The expert believes that to postpone the introduction of the market is impossible. “I have a feeling and the impression that if we move, how much delayed, we will always be ready. I am a proponent of the view that reforms need to move, not all the time to slow down,” — said Vasyl Kotko.

“Today, there is a law. The law requires to enter the electricity market from 1 July this year. Ukraine’s Minister of energy says: we will need to introduce. And key players, such as “Energoatom”, DTEK that we are ready, it is necessary to introduce,” said Kolko.

Recall that from 1 July, comes into force the Law “On electricity market”, which will start the second stage of the reform of the energy sector. The law of Ukraine “On electricity market” is aimed at implementation of legislative acts of the Energy community in the energy sector, namely directives of the Third energy package. The implementation provided by the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market” reforms will lead to liberalization of the electricity market of Ukraine and its functioning on a competitive basis on the European model. The launch of the competitive electricity market is one of the commitments of Ukraine to the European Union. Reform in the energy sector is one of the conditions for granting Ukraine the second tranche of macro-financial assistance from EU in the amount of 500 million euros.