The elections to the Parliament may be considered illegal, is booming scandal: “the case is already in court”

Выборы в Раду могут признать незаконными, гремит скандал: «дело уже в суде»

Elections to the Ukrainian Parliament to cancel because they allegedly violated the right of citizens to freedom of expression

It is reported Hyser.

“Vinnichanin Sergey Schetinin filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of Ukraine about cancellation of results of parliamentary elections held on 21 July. The proceedings have been commenced. It is noted that the first time the claim Shchetinina was rejected, but the man appealed the decision, and the Supreme administrative chamber of the Supreme Court was forced to take action”, — stated in the message.

So, for a record eight and a half hours of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court took the decision to open proceedings on the claim Shchetinina. The decision of Themis are not yet available.

“According to the lawsuit inhabitant of Vinnytsia, the constitutional Court deciding on the recognition of the decree of the President about dissolution of Parliament and holding of the 21st of July early parliamentary elections were guided by an informal version of the Constitution, which is freely available, but have not been timely published in the official publications, as required by the Basic law”, — underlined in the message.

Thus, says Shetinin, the election is actually violated citizens ‘ right to freedom of expression, as in its decisions, the constitutional Court and the Central election Commission refer to the null and void provisions of the Constitution.

According to the representative men, the judges were impressed by arguments that set out in the complaint.

As previously reported, the court canceled the results of voting on elections to the Verkhovna Rada on one of the polling stations.

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The scandal erupted in the Chernihiv region. There, the district administrative court obliged the district election Commission 210th district to annul the results of voting at the extraordinary elections to the Rada on one of the sites.

About it reports a press-service of the court.

“In the voters’ list allegedly included individuals who died in 2018-2019 years”, — stated in the message.

Выборы в Раду могут признать незаконными, гремит скандал: «дело уже в суде»

Recall, the court decided the fate Parubiy, the speaker will have a hard time.

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