“The eldest son of the inheritance is not earned…”

«Старший сын наследства не заслужил…»

— I’m in a deal done last week! — shares with her best friend pensioner Natalya Maksimovna. Is reached still before the notary, wrote his will. Here! And the sons said this to both. Let them know that there is a document — No, well, I still hope to live, I’m only sixty-seven. But while his mind and memory, I thought that I need to get my Affairs in order, as all smart people do…

— Well, right! — supports Natalia Maximovna friend. — Half split that up, right? Between the two sons?

— No… in Half, they would and without a will divided. And I exactly want most of the property went to the youngest son and his family!.. Because the elder does not deserve it, I think!..

At Natalia maksimovny two adult children — sons thirty-nine and thirty-three years. Both live separately married, the older two students, a Junior wife and also from day to day, waiting for the birth of the second child. Both work and pay the mortgage. And even the wives of the two brothers of the same name — Masham.

But here’s the thing: if a “younger” Maria Natalia Maksimovna almost-girlfriend with her older relations do not develop from the beginning.

— This is my pain, all my life I think and I can not understand what I have in front of the eldest daughter-in-law guilty? — says Natalya Maksimovna. — Like I’d never hurt her, on the contrary. But I from the very beginning made it clear that my presence is not welcome! The first years will cook something and bring them to treat. “Oh, we don’t eat that!”. In the magazine article I find, are show — “Oh, we don’t read!”. Show on TV wants to talk — “We don’t watch that!”…

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— Yes, there are princesses…

It Princess. All with such arrogance, all his nose! The dress gave her for a birthday once, I remember, in the first year after the wedding. Nice dress for summer, light, most every day, and not cheap, by the way! Bought in the store. Few days go past their house, look at the trash can something familiar hanging… Blimey! Donated dress… Well, as after this? Want to do something else?

— Wow! You didn’t ask her then, what’s the deal? Why is she dress?

— Why do you ask? Everything is clear, my gifts are not needed. Grandchildren I also gave in principle. Suddenly not so fed, not so say, all right education will spoil! Strange as it is I have my two raised, not spoiled? And her husband is a normal person up… Though not for me. After his marriage was like a wall between me and oldest son. That wall’s name is Maria… Son is like me shy. But with the mother is worn, all weekends, holidays, grandchildren, the grandmother know. Oh, so that now we can talk a lot, my whole life, after all, not retell!..

…When he married the second son, Natalia Maksimovna, taught a daunting experience, treated the daughter-in-law a little wary. However, the younger Masha quickly melted the ice of mistrust from the mother-in-law.

Such a cute, smiling and sociable. Always tell all the guests will call. I taught her our signature burgers to do it — better than me! It is all done, the hostess is exceptional. Your home is tidy and clean, even now, when she had to give birth!.. Always interested in health, asked how to help. When my son’s birthday, always in the morning she calls me and congratulates with the birthday boy! Thank you, says Natalia Maksimovna, for the son of such a good man was raised! So nice, just do not pass!..

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— And the grandson of the younger son is closer to you, apparently?

— Well of course! Now Masha the bear NOCHECK me, here! I’m always about a girl dreaming, and the circle — some guys have… I already bought her granddaughter on the birth of diamond earrings! I didn’t wear, of course, but when you’re older. God grant that all will be well with them! And I, of course, Masha is going to help at first, and then too…


— …So, the mother-in-law taken aback, put before the fact! — sadly says Maria, the eldest daughter-in-law Natalia Maximovna. — Wrote his will, all wills youngest son. Sad, but nothing new. So all my life: my brother really, and we did. He was her pet. And his grandmother closer than ours. They give valuable gifts: gold, diamonds…

— Maybe the daughter-in-law just was able to find to mother in law the approach to build a normal relationship?

— Yes, Masha, the little we have done: without soap will get where it is necessary. And smile in time and assent, and chuckle in unison, I do not know… But she won is born, and the gift is waiting… And for me life swagruha one Strasnice dress is a gift from the old lady’s colors, as my grandmother is in twenty-some years…

Is which you threw in the trash?

— Ohhh… She already told you, Yes? It all this story, haha… Threw away, Yes, even the homeless with trash not tempted, even though they take it all without discrimination. And this miracle of design hung on the box a couple of days until she sees it. Now reminds me of this dress seventeen years have passed and she’s all forgotten can not! I don’t need anything from her. I have my parents there to spoil me and give gifts. Just a shame for her husband. He sincerely cannot understand why mother is with him so… he is worse Than brother?..

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Do you think the mother is right?

Or in vain did she really? Contributed to family discord and confusion, that’s all. The relationship she has with the “problem” daughter-in-law now clearly will not improve and likely will deteriorate completely. Besides, most likely, and between the families of the brothers now the cat will run.

Anything good now just will not work.

It was necessary to divide in half?

Or mother had the right to give their possessions to the family, which “could reach”? The eldest wanted Maria to be proud and independent — Yes please. Her parents are? It does not matter, even if their parents inheritance and it will unsubscribe…

Let the good Natalia maksimovny will remain the one who treated her is only fair.

But the older son didn’t deserve, period. Well seen the attitude of his wife to his mother and not stopped, so what is now to be offended?

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