The earth will cover global disaster, a NASA sounded the alarm: “repeat the nightmare of the middle Ages”

Землю накроет глобальная катастрофа, NASA забило тревогу: "повторится кошмар Средневековья"

Humanity will face massive temperature cataclysm in a few years

NASA experts have warned of drastic climate changes that occur because of the Sun. Very soon the Earth will again sink into the nightmare, which has barely survived in the middle Ages. But this time it will be much worse.

As noted by American scientists, with each month our parent star, more “sleep”. According to experts, soon the Sun will cease all activity and go into a kind of “sleep mode”. Would affect the temperature of the planet.

Землю накроет глобальная катастрофа, NASA забило тревогу: "повторится кошмар Средневековья"

NASA employees suggest that in the near future the Earth’s climate is noticeably worse. This will lead to a sharp drop in yields. And as a result to hunger. The history of the planet already knows similar cases. So 1645-1715 years has happened before the little Ice age, when summer came the freezing tangible. Medieval people suffered from hunger, cold, were not allowed to cultivate the land, and the animals lacked food.

Already, changes in solar activity affect the Earth and change the conditions of life. Again the events that took place in the middle Ages. In natural areas, where previously there was warm weather, snow began to fall. Scientists have noted that changes are gaining momentum too quickly. People won’t even have time to prepare for the climate collapse. The situation will reach critical proportions in a few years.

Землю накроет глобальная катастрофа, NASA забило тревогу: "повторится кошмар Средневековья"

Meanwhile, astrophysicists from NASA warn of another threat that would come upon the Earth in ten years. Dangerous asteroid Apophis could hit the planet in the unfortunate date – 13 April 2029. The occurrence of this giant celestial rock is associated with the biblical prophecy of judgment day. However, the researchers from Hawaii to reassure humanity. According to their calculations, the chances of a collision are low: 2.3 to 1 million

Space body opened in 2004. Some consider it a double Nibiru. Scientists have determined the length of 325 metres. Experts admit that the gravity of the Earth will adjust the trajectory of the body, with the result that will follow a disaster. If it cuts into the surface of the planet, all life is doomed. After meeting with the asteroid Apophis Earth has become a lifeless desert.

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