The Early Demise of Ballet Dancer Svetlana Isakova

Ballet is one of the most elegant artistic dance forms, characterized by highly guided and clear-cut movements and steps, accentuated by music and scenery to impart an atmosphere, a theme, or a story. With its intricacies, ballet is hard, physically demanding, and entails a lifetime of unwavering training.

Svetlana Isakova in “Don Quixote”

Prime Ballet Dancer

One performer who radiated her dedication and passion and shined through the field of ballet is Svetlana Isakova, the leading soloist of Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Regarded as one of the oldest and most renowned musical theaters in the country, the opera house enlivens the best heritage from the Ukrainian, Russian, and world culture.

Svetlana Isakova is a prime dancer who took part and became famous in both classical and modern acts. Her friend and colleagues revered her for her cheery personality and innate talent in dancing. Meanwhile, spectators most remember her for her role as one of the sisters in the ballet adaptation of the folk tale “Cinderella.”

Svetlana Isakova in “Faust”

The Tragedy

Isakova’s life and career were cut short on August 10, 2019, after a fatal tragedy. Oleg Orishchenkk, the theater director, announced on a Facebook post that the famous 31-year-old ballet dancer died in a car accident in the Poltava Oblast. Several other people were also killed in the tragedy.

A photo of Svetlana Isakova and her husband in Italy

Based on Orishchenko’s post, Isakova and her husband were returning from their vacation from Italy, onboarding a minibus set from Kyiv Boryspil International Airport to Kharkiv. Isakova was rushed to a hospital in Poltava Oblast but suffered multiple injuries resulting in her early demise.


While her life has been cut short, Svetlana Isakova left a mark not only to her friends and colleagues but also to all spectators who witnessed her passion and remarkable talent in her theatrical productions. She will always be remembered as Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater’s prime ballet dancer.