The Eagles won the series against Cuba

grace-leur-eveil-offensif-sixieme(Trois-Rivieres) were not given expensive skin Eagles against the national team of Cuba.

A win was seen as the most optimistic scenario if all the pieces fell into place. Yet it is the team Trois-Rivieres who snatched two of the three wins!

Javier Herrera hit a two-run single to tie the game 2-2 in the sixth inning, and Steve Brown followed with a sacrifice fly to give the lead to his team, an advance that men of Pete Laforest have never lost.

The Eagles have signed two wins in a row for the first time this season by taking the measure of the Cubans 3-2 on Thursday before 3589 supporters who, on one evening, may have revisited their memories of the 2015 series.

Herrera beautiful days
“We ended up losing our lethargy is over,” Herrera launched an enthusiastic and visibly relieved at the door of the locker room of his own.

Certainly, the Eagles have created a happy turn of events in this last chapter to visitors face the West Indies.

Freddy Alvarez opposed to leaving, the monks of the Cuban federation consider it one of their most beautiful jewels, the Eagles have split air more often than in the first five innings.

Meanwhile, local ace Matthew Rusch was doing a good job, but escaped two runs in the fourth. How Alvarez was playing with the birds, it seemed he was going to a complete game.

But in the sixth, the ninth hitter Eagles Kori Melo slammed a double, then Yeixon Ruiz followed with a single before Delvis Morales withdrawn a rare base on balls. With the bases loaded and one out, Javier Herrera has managed its biggest single since his return to the game.

“I had the pressure on the shoulders, but I work hard with my coaches to maximize attendance. In general, we played better collectively in the last two games. It is as if we did not think of winning at all costs. We just have to play our way and the results will come. ”

Rather amazing fact, the Cubans used three pitchers in the sixth. Their reliever Livan Moinelo, several recruiters spy, was on the mound as a hitter and a half, the manager Roger Machado preferring substitute Miguel Lahera while there was a bullet in the account Herrera!

Ruiz acrobat
Besides having thundered at the right time to the plate, Herrera caught two balls following good races. But the highlight of the game comes down to Yeixon Ruiz. The left fielder dove on the ground, toppled glove to steal a triple Lazaro Ramirez in the third inning.

His acrobatics inspired the Eagles, who, apart from two errors Daniel Mateo to third base, delivered an inspiring performance defensively.

“It’s huge to have beaten Cuba,” chanted the manager Pete Laforest, who finally savored consecutive victories. “They probably thought it would be easier, now they know the Can-Am League!”

The coach had good words for his whole group, starting with Rusch (75th career victory) and relievers Edilson Alvarez and Kaohi Downing (fourth save).

“And what about Ruiz? His playing was amazing because the ball was traveling abnormally in the left tonight. ”

A team still honing
Obviously, the final score did not like the chief pilot of the Cuban team. Roger Machado kept his bullpen had failed in their attempt to put out the fires in sixth. The nine hits (against six for Three Rivers) were also insufficient.

“Our starting was tired, he needed help. It’s a pity, but we have not yet seen the full potential of this team, whether batting defensively and on the mound. ”

Yet Cubans have committed a small error in three nights at the stadium Fernand-Bedard.

“We’ll meet in Ottawa, we are ready for that,” concluded the manager, who knew by landing in North America that would be a challenge versus clubs from the Can-Am. “With all these former players drafted, nobody among us had dared to claim that it would be simple.”

The Eagles (5-21) will try to continue their momentum face the New Jersey Jackals (18-9) on Friday in Trois-Rivières.

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