The Eagles offensive ruin the feat Bollinger

(Trois-Rivieres) Ryan Bollinger still can not do it alone. The Eagles pitcher has achieved a feat by refraining hit over eight innings in Sunday Ottawa Champions stage Fernand-Bedard. But his offensive woke up far too late. Trois-Rivieres have suffered a 6-4 defeat in ten innings.
In what was the best performance of a pitcher in the history of the Eagles, the right-hander limited the Champions Ottawa to practically nothing. After eight innings, it was on track to achieve a no-hitter. But the cast of Pete Laforest is not heading towards a victory so far. Is that fifth inning, error Yeixon Ruiz had allowed Jason Coker crossing the plate to tie the game 1-1.

With two outs in the ninth table is finally Sebastien Boucher who put an end to this historic performance by hitting a small ball that fell into play by a few centimeters. If it was not the wind, most likely that this strike would have landed in foul territory. That was all for Bollinger.

“I think I could have finished the game, but I understand why Pierre-Luc me out. I was happy to still be in the game at that time. But when Boucher got the sure, I felt there was less wind in my sails, “said the gunner at the end of the match of his life.

Came over, Kaohi Downing was not able to stop the threat. Suddenly the Champions Bollinger led 2-1 and headed for a defeat. Fortunately for the gunner, Bobby Coyle sent both teams into extra inning with a homer to right.

The awakening of the offensive Champions was not limited to the ninth inning. They took advantage of the inability of the Eagles to score a double play to add four points in the tenth round counter and sweep the four-game series against the Eagles.

“I’ve never seen a match without firing a safe finish 6-4 !, railed Pete Laforest after the meeting. It’s frustrating. You have a no-hitter and a ball in the left falls that way. Any player would have run through a wall to catch it. It’s really frustrating that we see … it’s pathetic. ”

If performance Bollinger was the story of the game, leaving Ottawan Laetten Galbraith was not outdone. He spaced six hits in eight innings of work to get out of trouble more often than not. In addition, the Eagles, which left seven runners on base in this encounter, hit in double expensive games that ended a few offensive threats.

“You have to give credit to Galbraith. He’s a young pitcher who is very good. It can not always be massacres. Again, these are the mistakes that are killing us, “sighed Laforest.

The performance of two pitchers surprising since it was freezing cold Fernand-Bedard Stadium, where 1068 people attended the meeting.

The Eagles will try to turn the tide in the coming days, but the timing is bad because it is the Cuban national team that will bring in Trois-Rivières this week.

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