The draft superclinique in Granby put on ice

plutot-lancer-projet-superclinique-ciusss(Granby) No superclinique will be implemented in the short term in Granby, learned La Voix de l’Est. The University Centre Integrated health and social services (CIUSSS) Estrie rather working to radically overhaul the operations of the access clinic. The establishment of the rue Saint-Jacques, whose lease has been renewed for a year, is expected to open for 40 hours per week by October.

“The superclinique project in Granby was taken very seriously. But we must be realistic. It is believed not to be able to meet the criteria for keeping network clinical accreditation. So we prefer to find a plan B, “said in an interview the president of the Association of General Practitioners of Yamaska ​​(AMOY), Dr Jacques Bergeron.

Recall that the concept of family medicine groups (FMG) is the basis of supercliniques. This new type of healthcare institution must however provide more services while meeting constraints. Thus, to keep their status, including supercliniques must open their doors 12 hours a day during the week. A minimum of 20 000 visits per year should be maintained. In addition, patients can obtain an appointment up to three hours before closing. Specimen collection center must be built on the premises. The X-ray and ultrasound services must be provided on site or in a nearby building. For its part, Quebec agrees to enhance financial support and nursing staff.


“In Granby and Cowansville, there are enough doctors for superclinique. But I can not twist their arm. It will be up to them to board the train, “was mentioned in The Voice of the Eastern Health Minister, Gaétan Barrette, at the project launch in April. Dr. Bergeron is not of the same opinion. “Right now, I do not think we have the workforce in the region to operate a superclinique has he argued. Granby four GMF and each of them provides services without appointment. The day when doctors would practice at the clinic network, they would not be present for their patients. It’s a bit paradoxical. ”

The Minister of Health states that 50 supercliniques will emerge throughout Quebec by 2018. The president of the AMOY believes that this target will be difficult to achieve.

In this sense, Dr. Bergeron conceded that the obligation to provide extended time slots in the network clinics, even on weekends, has “cooled” many practitioners. “Access to health care is a matter of balance, has he said. I think we can increase our GMF. The demand may fluctuate during the year. At peak times, it will be able to adapt. ”


Rather than embarking on a clinical network project here, the CIUSSS Estrie advocates the approach of small steps. “The walk was too much for a project of superclinique. One year we gave to evaluate everything, argued Dr Michel Camirand, assistant director of professional services CIUSSS the Eastern Townships. Meanwhile, we want to improve the access clinic. We want to double the number of patients, by passing nearly 2000 to 4000, and tripling the number of annual visits. “The organization wants to thereby reduce 4000 the number of emergency room visits.

Recall that at the opening of the access clinic in 2011, a target of 4,000 visits per year was set. The clinic Granbyenne access has two full-time employees: an administrative officer and a nurse. Eight doctors are practicing an average of three days a week, the equivalent of three full-time GPs. The property has never offered the expected return. In 2014, 1,739 visits have been recorded and 2015 turned out similar to this chapter. Because of this disappointing performance, Granby was halted in September 2014 its financial support of $ 120,000 to the access clinic, half of the annual budget of the organization.

To achieve the new target, the clinic Saint-Jacques Street will be open for 40 hours per week from October. Twenty doctors will have to follow suit to get there. According to the latest data from the AMOY a hundred general practitioners are active in Granby. “Physicians were the stock to achieve and we have to convince them to board. This is a big challenge! , Launched Dr. Camirand. On dry land, you’ll have it to work our business. ”

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