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See the diaporamaNos friends the people are capable of the best as the worst. They take and even throw sometimes the trends. This week, we talk about faux colored fur, a must-have this winter.

You have not been able to move on to the next, the winter will be mild and colorful, or will not be. If the spirit cocooning consists of sweaters, accessories and even shoes, it is the mantle in which we are interested. Then curl up in a coat of fur, OK, but in wrong please. Add to that a color flashy, and skidding can very quickly arrive.

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It is a flop

Nobody said that the faux fur was so simple to wear, and the line between “sharp” and “vulgar” can be very (very) thin. The evidence with Linda Ramone, philanthropist, american, who decides to associate a max of questionable parts in one and the same outfit. The faux fur pale pink skirts, a satin dress marshmallow, combined with thigh-high boots with heels, creams and accessories… crisis of liver assured. It is said also not to the (bad) choice of Gabrielle Union, american actress, who has not, unfortunately, decided to highlight with this faux fur habs, too long and mémérisante wish. Let’s be clear : nothing goes with this coat. The supermodel Erin O’connor is no slouch by mixing the (bad) volumes. She chooses to associate its faux fur pink powder … black shoes of the same material. Her outfit would have almost been able to work, but the risk taken is really too much. The look that does the most harm in the eyes is one of Victoria Clay, a participant on the british version of Next Top Model 2017. Absolutely NOTHING will. Faux fur fuchsia, with as much as a make-up, hair and a plunging neckline in the same shades of colors. The final touch of this look ? A mini-skirt zebra and thigh-high vinyl. Call quickly the 15 !

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On flash on

We love the faux fur hyper girly Vogue Williams, the mannequin irish. The Barbie pink to match an outfit very simple does the job. No need to add more, the faux fur colored is already a piece that looks good ! It also validates the association of the singer Rihanna, which became a mode icon… and it is not for nothing ! Fan of the fur colour, she succeeds handily the challenge in choosing the colours of electric blue. Over a simple outfit and sober colours, this piece flashy, provides hyper-trendy to the look of the singer barbadian.

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