The doomsday weapon: the US is preparing to establish a “death ray”, details

Оружие судного дня: в США готовятся установить «луч смерти», подробности

Combat laser, developed at Northrop Grumman delivered to San Diego, where it will soon be installed on the amphibious assault ship USS Portland (LPD-27)

As reports the edition, The Drive, the laser beam power which according to the creators, reaches 150 kW, will be the first such device on the U.S. Navy ships.

Corporation Northrop Grumman, which specializiruetsya on aerospace and military technology, won the contract for the production of combat laser in 2015.

The USS Portland was commissioned In 2018. It was already known that the first prototype of the “doomsday weapon” to install it on this ship.

Оружие судного дня: в США готовятся установить «луч смерти», подробности

According to the creators with a laser you can hit small ships and drones.

Оружие судного дня: в США готовятся установить «луч смерти», подробности

The weather like in Ukraine “carousel” from +4 to +25, was not expecting this one: a fresh forecast

Northrop Grumman, established in 1994 after the merger of Northrop and Grumman in its history developed including the B-2 bomber, the RQ-5 Hunter, reconnaissance aircraft E-8C, and various radars.

It is noted that in the United States conducted other development of military lasers. In particular, we are talking about plans to install such weapons on a helicopter H-60.

As previously reported, the Black sea became an American cargo ship, on Board of which two patrol boats donated by the United States Ukraine.

Note, the boat is a non-military US aid to Ukraine. To deliver the ship called Ocean Freedom, who came from Baltimore on 3 October.

Оружие судного дня: в США готовятся установить «луч смерти», подробности

Early morning on 14 October, the ship passed the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Patrol boats Р190 “Slavic” and Р191 “Starobilsk” gave the Ukrainian side on September 27 last year. From 8 July to 10 September, the future crews of ships are trained in Baltimore. After unloading in Odessa boats upgrade, then they will include in structure of naval forces.

Оружие судного дня: в США готовятся установить «луч смерти», подробности

We have previously reported, through the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus as part of routine operations in the Black sea entered missile destroyer of the United States DDG78 Porter. According to the commander of the sixth fleet Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti, the visit of the destroyer was the seventh this year for ships of the U.S. Navy. The presence of the destroyer demonstrates the commitment of the Washington freedom of navigation allies and NATO partners in the region.

We will remind, the special forces raised the alarm to deliver socks General: APU is booming scandal.

As reported Politeka, the father of a soldier APU attacked Zelensky after the tragedy at the Donbass: “You have reached the end, the Supreme!”.

Also Politeka wrote that big mountain in the Donbas: APU four dead, there is an urgent statement of the Ministry of defense.