The dollar’s decline does not stop what is happening in the foreign exchange market

Падение доллара не остановить: что происходит на валютном рынке

The exchange rate in Ukraine on may 14, 2019: the dollar has slipped even more, and the Russian rouble fell below the psychological level of 0.4 UAH.

On Tuesday may 14, the national Bank set the following currency exchange rate in Ukraine:

$ 100 — 2611.3216 hryvnia;

100 Euro 2936.4311 UAH;

10 rubles — 3.9886 hryvnia.

According to the official website of the regulator about the exchange rate in Ukraine, in the previous banking day, the dollar was equal to 26.2 UAH and the dollar on may 14, dropped even more – to 26.11 UAH. On the Ukrainian interbank currency market trades for that day are dominated proposals for currency over demand that crushes quotes, causing the dollar to fall.

The Euro managed to regain its position in the interbank market, however, the official Euro rate for Tuesday is also decreased by 6 cents compared to the Monday course.

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