The dollar will collapse, this is not the end: what will happen to the hryvnia

Курс доллара рухнет, это еще не конец: что ждет гривну

The dollar next week again surprised the Ukrainians

Such forecast was sounded by financial expert Yury Grinenko, reports

As you know, yesterday’s trading on the interbank foreign exchange market turned the next collapse of the dollar.

Курс доллара рухнет, это еще не конец: что ждет гривну

So, one day the American dollar lost 14 cents to 24.41-24,42 UAH./ Similar levels during the trading was recorded on 11 January 2016. However, if the hryvnia is rapidly dropping. According to Yuri Grinenko, this is not the end, therefore, the national currency will continue to grow.

How to tell the bankers, usually shortened Friday trading is relatively quiet, in a small volume, but to date, the market in Ukraine is literally choked with currency. NBU went out several times on the auctions, to put out the fire course. And collectively bought more than $100 million While the total volume of trading as financiers estimate, amounted to about $250 million.

“It seems that non-residents started in advance the sale of currency for minfinovsky auction on Tuesday. It announced a placement of 5-year hryvnia bonds,” said Grinenko.

It should be noted that securities in the national currency with the Ministry of Finance have not exhibited for sale. And for those issues that were at the auction for 2 months is artificially set limits, selling more than 3 billion UAH. a week. It is expected that next week for 5-year government bonds limits will not. And non-residents, without waiting for the further drawdown of the dollar, actively buy the hryvnia to participate in the auction.

Курс доллара рухнет, это еще не конец: что ждет гривну

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“In this overlap the beginning of the period of payment of taxes and crediting of wages. And increased the deficit of the hryvnia. In addition, the demand for currency from importers is very low. Commercial drivers, like gas, which would have formed the currency demand, not now. The national Bank only dampens exchange rate fluctuations, but does not prevent them. In the understanding of the Central Bank, the stability of the hryvnia is not identical to exchange rate stability. They protect the purchasing power of the hryvnia – targetirovat inflation,” says another financial analyst Vasyl nevmerzhytskiy.

In Bank offices the dollar also continued to slide. So, by Friday evening, the U.S. currency retail sold average 24,45-24,55 UAH./$, and the minimum the price tag dropped to 24.44 UAH./

Lowered price tags and money changers on the black market. They yesterday evening it was possible to buy the American currency on the average at 24,44-24,46 UAH./$, and the buying rate dropped to 24,42-24,43 UAH./

The bankers unanimously say that the trend of the dollar be preserved in the next week. Grinenko notes too aggressive to slow down the appreciation of the hryvnia and waiting for the start of trading on Monday in the framework of 24.35-24,40 UAH./ Nevmerzhitskiy, in turn, predicts trades within 24,30-24,40 UAH./

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