The dollar will break new record is incredible: what will happen to grivna

Курс доллара побьет новый рекорд, происходит невероятное: что будет с гривной

The dollar rate in Ukraine is preparing for a new record in the foreign exchange market

This writes the commentator

According to financial analyst Yegor Komova in the coming week the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine can set the absolute record for the last 4 years.

Курс доллара побьет новый рекорд, происходит невероятное: что будет с гривной

In particular, as experts predict, the dollar may reach 24-24,1 UAH/$. He argues that the trend towards the strengthening and the situation in the foreign exchange market will allow the national currency to test the new psychological mark of 24 UAH/$.

“Now we see in the market is very positive situation. There are risks of default budget and I think that the national Bank can partly mitigate the decline of the dollar. But, most of all, I think that a note about UAH 24/$ in the next week we will test out,” explained com their point of view.

The financial analyst also noted that the hryvnia strengthened thanks to the high export proceeds, demand for the national currency among foreign buyers of Ukrainian securities, and stable balance of supply and demand in the market

Moreover do not forget that the dollar in our country is primarily affected by seasonal factors, although it is now clear transitions are erased. A few years ago in summer there is a strengthening of the national currency, and in autumn the smooth devaluation. Then in winter, the situation in the financial market stabiliziruemost and there is a smooth approach to the summer strengthening of the hryvnia.

Курс доллара побьет новый рекорд, происходит невероятное: что будет с гривной

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We reported earlier that the hryvnia will soon go to the bottom. This forecast was voiced by ex-Finance Minister Vladimir Lanovoy. According to him, the dollar is held artificially, therefore, Ukrainians should be prepared for a possible fall of the hryvnia

The expert explained that the dollar is constantly falling in price due to the fact that the offer of the American currency on the domestic market is now more, and the government once again repeats the mistakes of the past, following the path of more debt to Finance the budget deficit.

The financial analyst also suggested that the positive situation on the currency market will last around 6 months, which can occur after a reverse trend and the hryvnia will go to the bottom.

We will remind, what keeps a third of the economy of Ukraine: “this was not 10 years.”

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians massively deprived of state aid, the grant will become a luxury.

Also Politeka wrote that on pension in 60 years