The dollar will be 30 soon: the Ukrainians spoke about the great speculation, called the time X

Доллар по 30 будет уже скоро: украинцам рассказали о большой спекуляции, назван час Х

The judge gave a very sharp prediction about the growth of the dollar

The dollar may rise to 30 hryvnia – when and under what conditions – has told an international economic expert, reports “the Facts”.

So we know that after a significant strengthening of the hryvnia in the autumn of 2019, the expected growth of the dollar:

“The time when we can expect this situation — the third decade of October and the first decade of November of current year”, — predicts an international economic expert, Chairman of the NGO “national interests of Ukraine” Igor garbaruk.

The strengthening of the hryvnia, he said, has a “speculative basis”:

“In Ukraine drew the attention of the international currency speculators, who, taking advantage of the situation massively bought bonds of domestic government loan”.

He added that towards the end of the year is expected to reverse the process in the foreign exchange market:

“Speculators traded dollars into hryvnia and bought securities. And towards the end of the year, the reverse process — the redemption and exchange Ukrainian currency for dollars, and that will lead to growth of the U.S. currency. Establishing at 17% the national Bank discount rate will provide the owners of government bonds excess profits”.

Доллар по 30 будет уже скоро: украинцам рассказали о большой спекуляции, назван час Х

As previously reported, July 1, Ukrainians again counted pensions. the minimum pension will increase to UAH 1564 and a maximum of 15.6 thousand UAH, reports PFC.

So, pensioners with minimum payments receive an increase of 67 UAH. According to the Pension Fund of Ukraine in April 2019 less than UAH 1564 received about 17% of pensioners, and that about 2 million people.

If the Ukrainians with a minimum pension have a full length (for women and 30 for men – 35 years), they may apply for an increase in the amount of not less than 1% of the subsistence minimum.

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Ukrainians with a maximum payout will receive an increase in the amount of UAH 670. Now such payment is received not more than 1.9% of the total number of pensioners. If to Jul their pensions amounted to 14.9 thousand UAH, after recalculation, it will be 15.6 thousand UAH.

Доллар по 30 будет уже скоро: украинцам рассказали о большой спекуляции, назван час Х

The list of such pensioners are often those who have retired with special rights. For example, MPs, judges etc.

To obtain the maximum amount possible in one case – if the person has a high white wages. For example, after officially 35 years old with white wages is approximately 8 times more than the current average earnings, which is rallying the contribution to the Pension Fund. That is, when a white salary is 64 thousand UAH, till July, you can qualify for a pension in the amount of 14,9 thousand UAH, and after a total of 15.6 thousand UAH.

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As Politeka wrote, the output of Ukrainians in retirement in new ways, the court issued a historic decision

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