The dollar went crazy, Ukrainians stormed the exchange: what will happen to the course after the weekend

Доллар сошел с ума, украинцы штурмуют обменники: что будет с курсом после выходных

The National Bank of Ukraine has unveiled the official exchange rate on Monday, 7 October

So, the U.S. dollar will become cheaper by 26 cents and will be 24,61 UAH

Euro loses 22 cents and will cost UAH of 27.02.

In the beginning of this week in the courses of the NBU, the dollar was worth 24,08 UAH, and the Euro — UAH of 26.33. Then the us currency soared in price. Experts say one reason for such a jump, the introduction of “formula Steinmeier” in the Donbass. Accordingly the panic and “led” people in the exchangers and banks — some of them to buy the currency could not due to her absence at the box office.

Доллар сошел с ума, украинцы штурмуют обменники: что будет с курсом после выходных

NBU last week sold $ 200 million to keep the exchange rate of currencies.

The national Bank believe that “the strengthening of the exchange rate will contribute to the slowdown of inflation in the coming months. The strengthening of the hryvnia was caused by fundamental market factors, such as: favorable price conditions in global commodity markets, high grain yield, a further increase in exports of IT services, the growth of investor confidence in the Ukrainian economy, simplification of their access to the domestic market of government securities”.

As previously reported, soon in Ukraine from the circulation begin to withdraw small coins of 1, 2 and 5 cents. They will no longer take in shops from October 1. Gradually lose also 25 cents, but until they can pay off.

For those who have accumulated stocks of coins in piggy banks, there are several options. First of all, exchange the trifle will be in the ticket offices of all banks until 30 September 2020, and at the offices of Oschadbank, PrivatBank and Raiffeisen Bank Aval — in for three years.

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Доллар сошел с ума, украинцы штурмуют обменники: что будет с курсом после выходных

However, experts call this option is economically meaningless. According to them, a large number of small coins is much more profitable to hand over on scrap metal. For example, 1 kg of stainless steel from which coins were minted in denominations of 1 penny, costs 25 UAH (though before that you need to do chemical analysis of metals). Actually a one-bit coin weighs 1.5 grams. For pounds have to collect 666 cents, that is 6,6 UAH, while for 1 kg 18-19 UAH.

But the best option, according to experts, to leave these metal money at home, because, as practice shows, after ten years they begin to be listed among collectors.

Recall that PrivatBank took the customer’s money after his mistakes.

As reported Politeka, “PrivatBank” started to block the accounts of Ukrainian.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that PrivatBank’s put the debt of 212 thousand 500 UAH.