The dollar is losing ground, the exchange rate will change dramatically: what will happen to the Ukrainians

Доллар теряет позиции, курс валют резко изменится: что ждет украинцев

Currency exchange rate shortly a furor, since the torque “trampled” dollar

This was announced by financial analyst Vadim Iosub, reports “Komsomolskaya rights in Ukraine”.

“Early elections to the Verkhovna Rada on the dollar does not affect, rather it will react to the actions of foreign investors in government bonds. Will they reinvest at maturity of the bonds, the hryvnia, or, conversely, decide to repatriate, pre-buying currency? For the longer term — the torque will respond to continued cooperation with the IMF, or to refuse it,” he said.

Доллар теряет позиции, курс валют резко изменится: что ждет украинцев

A similar opinion was expressed by the expert of Dragon Capital Sergey Fursa.

“The activity of foreigners forcing macroeconomists to revise the forecast of the hryvnia to the end of the year and nobody is talking about 30 hryvnia per dollar. Rather, we see the range of 27-28 UAH”, — he said.

As previously reported, the new law in Ukraine which comes into force in July 2019, will cause a new rise in price of a communal flat. This was stated by the representative of the Vladimir Zelensky in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus.

According to him, the state “Energoatom” and Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK will be able at its discretion to raise prices for the population. The reason for this is that these companies control 90% of the energy production in the country.

“So this market the government will not regulate, and accordingly these companies will put the price that you want. According to various estimates, the price increase can vary from 30% to 100% or even more. Why the price raise? Because these companies want to make even more. And on the captive market they realize that they can sell more, because it is not possible to buy electricity somewhere else,” said he.

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At the same time, Gerus said that unlike the gas market, the import of electricity is completely prohibited.

Доллар теряет позиции, курс валют резко изменится: что ждет украинцев

We will remind, Ukrainians pressed the new tax

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians are waiting for new rules of import parcels

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine can receive the banknotes of 5000 UAH, it hid for a long time