The dollar is at 40: the Cabinet has finally revealed what will be the course: “unfortunately…”

Доллар по 40: Кабмин наконец раскрыл, каким будет курс: «к сожалению…»

The Cabinet has predicted what will be the hryvnia in the current year, and the chamber has expressed doubts, whether to wait for the Ukrainians dollar for 40?

The Cabinet counted the course. According to the government forecast, in 2019, the rate of hryvnia to the dollar will amount to 26.3 per. Whereas previously this figure was slightly higher – 28 UAH/USD.

The budget for 2020, which the Cabinet submitted to the Parliament marked rate of 28.2 UAH/USD. Apparently, in connection with the conversion will be made a course correction in this document.

Доллар по 40: Кабмин наконец раскрыл, каким будет курс: «к сожалению…»

Earlier, the Chairman of the accounts chamber Valery Patskan in one of the talk show spoke about the risks that exist for the stability of the hryvnia.

He noted that the national currency was influenced by an increase in transfers from the “guest workers”, who went abroad. However, these translations will not be returned.

“But, unfortunately, they don’t come back to us through translations. They return to us, just as people say, vans from Poland, from Italy and all. The dollar entered the market and strengthened the national currency…”.

Доллар по 40: Кабмин наконец раскрыл, каким будет курс: «к сожалению…»

Also the strengthening of the national currency affected non-residents who buy up the bonds of domestic government loan.

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“This means that then, when the end of life of these bonds, the state will have to buy from those who bought them. And then we thus can minimize the torque. I would be very careful about these fortifications,” — said Patskan — I want the torque remained the same, the way it is now, and that, when non-residents will receive their funds in these bonds, when the state will begin to buy them, we don’t have 30-35 and maybe 40″.

Earlier, the experts were told what to expect from the jumps in the exchange rate: as such “swing” will affect the cost of food. Experts came to a consensus, despite the strengthening of the hryvnia, do not expect a sharp fall in prices. However, it was found that increased the purchasing power of Ukrainians.

We will remind, Ukrainians will pay for gas, the prices skyrocket: announced new tariffs.

As reported Politeka, jump in the dollar will affect everyone, prepare your wallets: what will happen to food prices.

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