The dollar is at 20: revealed the sad truth, what will happen to the exchange rate to fall

Доллар по 20: раскрыта печальная правда, что будет с курсом к осени

Forecast on the decline of the dollar to 20 hryvnia caused a lot of noise

This statement by the Ukrainian economist Taras Kozak liked Ukrainians.

“The dollar may fall even to 20 hryvnia per dollar. Not long to wait. In a month everything will be clear. And yet diversify their assets. Keep in different baskets. I recommend having numerous hryvnia cart!”, — advised the economist.

In turn, the economist Viktor Skarshevsky explained the fall in the dollar, which is happening now, artificial causes, says ГолосUA.

Доллар по 20: раскрыта печальная правда, что будет с курсом к осени

“The dollar is declining due to seasonal factors and speculative money. It’s burning funds of non-residents, which this year on the market of government bonds made nearly 2.9 billion dollars. This is further affected by the strengthening of the hryvnia. The national currency has strengthened more than necessary. This artificial strengthening. This is facilitated by two factors – the policy of the national Bank, which keeps at a high level a high rate, and activities of the Ministry of Finance. For seven months he just exceeded the annual plan on domestic borrowing,” said Skarshevsky.

According to the economist, as only hryvnia capital will begin to withdraw from Ukraine, the national currency will begin to fall.

“In any case, as practice shows the last three years, during autumn and winter of the dollar becomes more expensive in two – three hryvnia. So it will be this year. By the fall of the dollar will be around 29 USD. It all depends on the speculators of non-residents”, — concluded the expert.

As previously reported, it became known as will be held the regular indexation of pensions. The increase in payments to pensioners in connection with the change in prices began in the current year automatically.

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So now there is no need for more legislative regulation of this issue, and this process will take place in the automatic mode each year.

Доллар по 20: раскрыта печальная правда, что будет с курсом к осени

Note that in 2019 the majority of categories of pensioners indexed pensions in March. In July, increased the minimum pension, and was also added payments to those categories of citizens who had experience of over 30 years, but because of the small salaries paid the minimum pension payments.

Recall that the Ukrainians have tightened the requirements for retirement.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians have radically changed the issue of pensions and subsidies.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took the fateful decision on pensions.