The dollar is again in the lead, the hryvnia is cheaper: a new currency exchange rate of the national Bank

Доллар вновь в лидерах, гривна дешевеет: новый курс валют от Нацбанка

The exchange rate in Ukraine of June 4, 2019: torque made a run, the dollar “shyly,” down

On Tuesday, June 4, the national Bank of Ukraine set the following official exchange rates in the country:

$ 100 — UAH 2695.4834;

100 Euro 3014.8982;

10 rubles — 4.1118.

The dollar slightly, but was more expensive, also rose and European currency. The Russian ruble has also decided not to lag behind and grew by 1 penny.

Recall that in the previous banking day, Monday, June 3, in Ukraine there were the following exchange rates:

$ 100 — UAH 2685.4695;

EUR 100 — UAH 2994.5670;

10 rubles — 4.1073.

Trading on the interbank market on the last business day, may 31 closed: with the dollar at 27.06/27.10 UAH. Euro 30.31/30.35, Russian ruble 0.4143/0.4151 UAH.

In the Ukrainian banks, the average dollar exchange rate on Friday amounted to UAH 26,60, buying up UAH 26.95 on sale.

Monday, June 3, operated by such official rates of precious metals (10 ounces) of the national Bank:

Gold – UAH 348 036,85

Silver – 3 867,08 UAH

Platinum – UAH 212 420,64

Palladium – 361 195,65 UAH

Доллар вновь в лидерах, гривна дешевеет: новый курс валют от Нацбанка

As previously reported, the national Bank of Ukraine killed millions of hryvnia banknotes.

In 2018 the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has withdrawn from circulation and disposed of banknotes 41.6 billion. This was reported by the press service of the financial regulator.

If you believe the information provided by the NBU, was disposed of 100-hryvnia banknotes — 112 million units, and the least — 500-hryvnia (11.3 million).

The National Bank said banknotes that are in circulation, lose their marketability, as well as payment of the properties. To use them uncomfortable, because they can break at any moment. This is especially true of very old bills. Therefore, they must be disposed of. Besides, it’s a great excuse to print new banknotes.

Banknotes are cut into small pieces, then is collected in bags or served in a special press.

Of shredded banknotes to make briquettes. It is important that the cut bill can not be restored.

In addition, the NBU noted that the indicators 2018 less than in the corresponding period in 2017 the number by 20.4% and 11%.

We will remind, what keeps a third of the economy of Ukraine: “this was not 10 years.”

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians massively deprived of state aid, the grant will become a luxury.

Also Politeka wrote that on pension in 60 years, you can forget.