The dollar fell, called an unexpected reason: “don’t go to work and…”

Курс доллара рухнул, названа неожиданная причина: "Не выйдут на работу и..."

On 10 October, the dollar on the interbank market decreased by 5 cents

The first transaction took place on 24,60 UAH/$, but after that began an intensive course rolled back – in the first half hour of the quotation have fallen to 24,51-24,53 UAH/$, said the expert Yuri Grinenko, writes

According to him, the demand for currency are almost there. And in the morning the national Bank actively bought back surplus currency 24,55-of 24.56 UAH/$.

“The trend in the strengthening of the hryvnia is formed mainly by the factor output. Monday will come to work not only Ukrainian bankers (on the occasion of the Day of defender of Ukraine), but American – will be there to celebrate Columbus Day. This encourages banks to sell the currency and get out in the hryvnia, which can be profitably placed in deportivisimo national Bank”, – said financial analyst Vasyl nevmerzhytskiy.

Курс доллара рухнул, названа неожиданная причина: "Не выйдут на работу и..."

According to him, after a long weekend on the interbank market will be exporters with additional revenue. In addition, on the same day, the Ministry of Finance will auction two-year government bonds in local currency. And it may interest non-residents, setting the stage for the currency in Ukraine.

Bankers actively reduce the selling rate of the dollar and in their offices. In the morning, the highest rates were in PrivatBank, Concord Bank and Kredobank – at 25,10 UAH/$. Other financial institutions have put the price tag within 24,90-25,0 UAH/$. And redeem currency from the population in the range of from 24.30-24,80 UAH/$.

Fell sharply the rate of sale on the black market. Currency is traded in the framework of 24.80-24,82 UAH/$. And are buying dollars on average, 24,73-24,75 UAH/$.

Курс доллара рухнул, названа неожиданная причина: "Не выйдут на работу и..."

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National Bank on Thursday, October 10, has set the official dollar exchange rate at the level of 24.70 UAH/$, which is only a penny below yesterday’s level. Euros, according to estimates by the regulator, fell by 2 kopecks to 27,12 UAH/€.

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