The dollar changed its course: what happened to the currency after the election

Доллар изменил свой курс: что случилось с валютами после выборов

The exchange rate in Ukraine on April 23, 2019: the dollar depreciated in exchange and interbank

In the first post-election day, the dollar in exchange offices started to become cheaper. On 23 April, the national Bank has significantly strengthened the hryvnia. The exchange rate in Ukraine on Tuesday set at this level:

$ 100 — 2677.5371 hryvnia;

100 Euro 3012.2292 UAH;

10 rubles — 4.1977 hryvnia.

According to the national Bank about currency exchange rates in Ukraine, the dollar lost 8 cents compared to the previous banking day. The official Euro exchange rate dropped to 9 cents.

In exchange offices the dollar has fallen 14 cents in the sale, in the purchase of the American currency decreased by 7 cents. The Euro even more “lost” — at 15 and 18 cents.

On the interbank market on Monday the quotations of the dollar and the Euro dipped significantly. The dollar by the end of trading fell to the level of 26.66/26,68 UAH. The Euro came close to the critical level of 30 UAH by the end of the trading session the quotations were of € 29.99/30,02 UAH.

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