The dollar attacks: the national Bank introduced the currency exchange rate on 20 may

Доллар атакует: Нацбанк представил курс валют на 20 мая

The exchange rate in Ukraine on Monday unpleasant surprise

The first day of work Monday, 20 may, Ukrainians should be prepared for the fact that the hryvnia will hand over their positions, according to the website of the national Bank of Ukraine.

Thus, the official rate of the national currency fell by a penny, but the dollar rose. It rose by two pennies.

The national Bank set the exchange rate in Ukraine at the next level:

$ 100 -26,36 UAH;

100 Euro 29.45 UAH;

10 rubles — 4.0797 hryvnia.

At the end of last week, on Friday, may 17, trades on the interbank market closed with the dollar at 26.34/26.37 USD. Euro 29.42/29.46 and the ruble of the Russian Federation – 0.4071/ 0.4078 hryvnia.

Доллар атакует: Нацбанк представил курс валют на 20 мая

As previously reported, it is possible to multiply the contents of the purse, a good “digging”.

It turns out that a lot of coins that at first glance seem unremarkable, can cost anywhere from 300 to 3000 hryvnia. So in Ukraine, in everyday life there are a few coins that were limited edition and are now estimated in thousands of hryvnias.

It is known that the sale of these coins on the Internet you can earn from 300 to 3500 UAH. It is also known that the most expensive penny sold that were produced in small editions or in special conditions, made from unconventional material.

1 penny 1996 release. Price – 300-1200 UAH.

“This coin came out in small editions for sale to collectors in the numismatic collections of the national Bank. Some pennies got into circulation. Different from others the fact that they are attracted to the magnet” – referred to experts in an online auction

10 cents 1994 year of release. Price – 1000-1150 UAH.

“The coin produced in small editions to replace the corrupted money. Feature – the berries of viburnum on the front side more than the other coins of that denomination”.

25 cents 1992 release. Price – 1250-1750 UAH.

“Coins minted in England in small editions. Launched into circulation in 1996. The most expensive 25 cents with a depressed Trident”.

25 cents in 1995. Price – 1500-2500 UAH.

“Produced as a trial on Lugansk machine-tool plant. Experts believe that it was released about 20 thousand pieces”.

5 penny 1994 release. Price – 2500-3500 UAH.

“The 5 cents can be detected very rarely. The party was a trial. On Lugansk machine-tool plant produced about 300 pieces.”

Recall that the Ukrainians told the sad truth about pensions.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians will be able to exchange “dirty” money.

Also Politeka wrote that the NBU heavily rewrote the basic instruction to avoid default.