The dollar 20: Ukrainians stunned the new forecast

Курс доллара по 20: украинцев ошеломили новым прогнозом

The exchange rate is allowed to develop according to several scenarios

NBU representatives and heads of several banks said that the hryvnia exchange rate may undergo substantial changes.

So, the Deputy Chairman of the NBU Board Dmitry Sologub said the situation will be stable. He said in the short term, the biggest risks to the hryvnia not. This is the forecast that can change the terms of trade, the website of the Ministry of Finance.

It is also assumed that there will be a reduction in the prices of export goods as under the flexible exchange rate this will affect the quotes. When necessary, the regulator will sell the currency.

Курс доллара по 20: украинцев ошеломили новым прогнозом

The President of Ukrainian society of financial analysts Yuriy Prozorov said that changes in the exchange rate may occur in two extreme ways: the first 20 UAH/USD. This is possible only when the quick opening of a land market with its sale only for currency and the creation of such a financial instrument as “the land of Bon”.

The second extreme scenario — rate of about 31 UAH/USD. The strip will rise in this case, due to changes in the value of iron ore.

However, according to Prozorov, most likely is the middle option — a slight depreciation in the range 27,5-28,5 UAH/USD”.

In turn, the head of Treasury Department the Bank’s Forward Natalya Shishatskaya said the national currency may strengthen. She expects the hryvnia will remain at the level that is now.

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Shishatskaya also shared that the positive effect for the hryvnia, and the Parliament needs to implement judicial reform, to make changes in the power structures and to open the land market. In these cases, there is great hope that Ukraine will include new investors who will invest in the economy.

Курс доллара по 20: украинцев ошеломили новым прогнозом

We will remind, Ukrainians expect higher prices of products such as: milk, meat, bread and vegetables. As the head of the National Council of economic development Alexey Doroshenko, from September in the country will grow with inflation. However, a significant rise in prices, because “nowhere”.

So, milk prices on average will rise by 4%, on white and brown bread — 6%, meat — by 1.5-2% until the end of the year.

The economist noted that the most difficult in Ukraine to predict the prices of vegetables.

Recall that the second stage of monetization of subsidies in may and what will change for Ukrainians

As Politeka wrote, the output of Ukrainians in retirement in new ways, the court issued a historic decision

Also Politeka reported that the Ukrainians told what to do with subsidy