The doctors were struck by the opening: coffee save lives with a terrible disease

Врачи поразили открытием: кофе спасет жизнь при страшной болезни

Experts have identified a new disease in which a person cannot live without coffee

Although this pathology is quite rare, to describe, for example, it can be with the incident, which happened to 11-year-old boy, says MedicalXpress.

His parents purely by chance, we conducted an experiment double-blind placebo — it’s an experiment when that is the drugs are given a pacifier, do not know not only the patient but also the doctor.

The boy’s parents suffering from dyskinesia, know that their kids need to drink at least two cups of strong espresso. But one day they accidentally bought decaf coffee and didn’t even notice it. And a week them the boy suffered painful muscle spasms, before my parents notice what they bought. After the resumption of drinking regular coffee cramps the boy passed.

Врачи поразили открытием: кофе спасет жизнь при страшной болезни

This well-known drink allows the boy with a rare genetic muscle disorder to control muscle spasms. The doctors know about it long ago. However, no proof that caffeine allows you to relieve muscle spasms in this disease, was not.

“This is one of those amazing cases happy accidents that sometimes happen in the history of medicine,” said Emmanuel Flamand-Roze, doctor hospital Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris and lead author of the study of psoriasis. According to him, the parents accidentally conducted an experiment double-blind placebo — the strictest possible tests to see whether the treatment.

Врачи поразили открытием: кофе спасет жизнь при страшной болезни

This disease affects one out of several million. When the disease “hand, foot, face, muscle randomly move,” explains Flamand-Roze. That is why a child can’t ride a bike, to walk himself home from school, and even just writing with a pencil. Spasm can cover the patient at any time. The disease is associated with a defect of the gene ADCY5, and worst of all, from the disease there is no cure.

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Doctors have long known that very strong coffee helps suppress muscle spasms with psoriasis.

“But the disease is so rare that not enough patients to conduct an experiment in which one group takes a drug and the other placebo. In addition, this experiment, in any case, impossible for ethical reasons, because the experimenter would know in advance what dooms the group receiving placebo, in strong torment,” — explained the researcher.

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