The doctors shared the secrets for getting rid of stomach problems: “Should be abandoned”

Врачи поделились секретами для избавления от проблем с желудком: "Следует отказаться"

People who suffer from gastritis, you need to urgently change their way of life. In the first place – to make a Declaration with their family doctor and make an appointment

This was told by the doctor-gastroenterologist of Alexander Mashkevich. She also advised how to change your diet to gastritis does not cause inconvenience, according to Hyser.

“We need quitting Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. And also should refrain from eating foods that cause an increase in stomach acid. It cakes, fatty meats, corn cereals, garlic, onions, fatty dairy products. And it is necessary to completely remove from your diet sweet drinks,” he listed Mashkevich.

Врачи поделились секретами для избавления от проблем с желудком: "Следует отказаться"

The doctor said that I should be eating only small portions, but often – five to six times a day. It is also important to eat only what gives pleasure.

“And yet, we must pay attention not only to what we eat but how we eat. That is, what portions to eat, what the temperature of dishes, etc. the Gold standard: take a plate, divide it into four parts, half the plate is vegetables, a quarter – slice of meat or fish and another quarter for garnish. This is the best option,” concluded Mashkevich.

The habit of eating delicious, despite the fact that it can be dangerous, firmly stuck in the minds of people. Besides, if delicious and cheap. But too often manufacturers in the manufacture of food use food additive that can pose a mortal danger to our body.

As found by scientists from the Institute for regenerative medicine, preservatives disrupt the hormonal background of a person and can cause obesity. In particular, food additive E321 (keeps the food palatability), and PFOA acid (present in the packaging) inhibit “signal satiety”, which gastrointestinal tract sends to the brain.

Врачи поделились секретами для избавления от проблем с желудком: "Следует отказаться"

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