The doctors said that you need to eat to fight depression: food for peace

Медики рассказали, что нужно есть для борьбы с депрессией: продукты для спокойствия

The biggest and most obvious plus of this list — all the products are really tasty

And here not only chocolate, writes Clutch.

Top 6 products-anti-stress:


This fruit opens our list. And no wonder: bananas are rich in potassium, which has the ability to regulate blood pressure. And they will help get rid of heartburn and maintain an optimal level of sugar in your blood.

Black tea

Numerous studies have shown that people who regularly drink in a day for four cups of black tea have lower levels of the stress hormone than those who avoided the frequent use of this drink. It is possible that the reason for this effect, the caffeine in black tea, but unlike coffee, tea is much softer and longer. This man looks more energetic and has a wonderful mood.


Медики рассказали, что нужно есть для борьбы с депрессией: продукты для спокойствия

Versatile and delicious fish that can be applied in different variations: from raw salmon in sushi to steak, roasted on the grill. And the most useful substance in it is considered a fatty acid omega-3 that helps in fast operation of the brain. By the way, a large amount of omega-3 contained in flax seeds. But we in this collection include steel — salmon is much tastier, I agree.

Whole wheat bread

It can be used as a basis under a variety of sandwiches — that is, if you are not attracted to ordinary bread. It contained complex carbohydrates raise mood and positive charge for the whole day. By the way, the same applies to cereals. But keep in mind not all are equally useful, as has already been said the doctor Komarovsky.

Chicken breast

Медики рассказали, что нужно есть для борьбы с депрессией: продукты для спокойствия

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This part of chicken contains the greatest amount of protein and low fat. But this is not all the benefits of breast: in addition, it contains tryptophan — a substance that will help you to overcome stress. By the way, tryptophan can still be found in legumes, particularly peanuts. So, if you are not afraid of extra pounds — peanut butter can be your favorite product for depression.

Orange juice

This drink contains folic acid, which relieves irritability and helps in dealing with stressful conditions. Particularly actual orange juice now — because it has vitamin C, an indispensable tool in the prevention of colds.

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