The doctors made a statement about the dangers of using toilet paper

What alternative scientists propose which option is cleaning safe.

Медики зробили заяву про шкоду використання туалетного паперу

In his speech, the scientists called on people to abandon the means of hygiene, this publication reports The Sun. Human health is threatened daily ritual in the bathroom. Experts argue that this is not hygienic, as it is called around the world. This is due to lack of moisture in the paper, because in dry form it does not protect against bacteria, informs Rus.Media.

First, the use of toilet paper significantly increases the risk of anal fissures and all sorts of urinary tract infections. Doubly dangerous paper with different flavors. Since it has synthetic additives that trigger allergic reactions, and some even the appearance of cancerous tumors. On such chemical “range” fungi and bacteria multiply even faster. People who use dry toilet paper, you should be aware of hemorrhoids

What alternative scientists propose which option is cleaning safe. In the foreground a bidet that allows you to bury the bodies. You can also use baby wipes without content of various chemical additives. Thus, the anus will not only cleanse but also hydrate.

Recall that earlier we wrote about how to sit correctly on the toilet to prevent constipation and even bowel cancer.

Video about how to replace the toilet paper:

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