The doctors found out how dangerous sleep in contact lenses

Врачи выяснили, чем опасен сон в контактных линзах

Scientists told how to prevent the development of eye infections

Don’t forget to remove your contact lenses before going to sleep, otherwise you run the risk of catching a dangerous infection called microbial keratitis.

Врачи выяснили, чем опасен сон в контактных линзах

To such conclusion scientists from the American College of emergency physicians, who analyzed reports of morbidity and mortality from infections of the cornea, caused by improper use of contact lenses.

“Sleeping in contact lenses is a risky activity that can lead to infections and in some cases to irreparable eye injuries,” says the study’s lead author Dr. John Fleming.

Neglect contact lenses can lead to the accumulation of harmful bacteria and infections on the surface of the lenses.

“If you want to avoid infection and trip to the emergency room, you need to provide appropriate eye care,” says Dr. Fleming.

Previously, the researchers found the outbreak of a rare eye infection among contact lens wearers in the South East of England.

Control study, which involved 63 people with a diagnosis of acanthameba keratitis and 213 healthy volunteers showed that the risk of developing the disease is three times higher for those who do not follow hygiene lenses, takes their hands dirty, use bad solutions to disinfect and wear the lenses in the pools and hot tubs.

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Researchers are encouraged to disseminate this information among clinicians, professionals and contact lens wearers. In the past, this strategy has been effective to combat this terrible disease.

Врачи выяснили, чем опасен сон в контактных линзах

We will add, earlier we reported that also improve the vision to help carrots, beef liver and oranges. In our time, endless sitting in front of screens of monitors and televisions, many are looking for the products that you want to include in your diet to avoid problems with vision.

As experts recommend, for good vision is needed foods rich in vitamins A and C. Because vitamin a is an integral part of the pigment of the retina. It is needed for any impairments. Its deficiency causes night blindness when vision becomes weaker in the twilight. In turn, vitamin C protects the blood vessels that provide blood supply to the retina.


We will remind, named products, which are harmful to eyesight.

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