The doctors explained why it is not necessary to completely abandon sugar

Врачи объяснили, почему не стоит полностью отказываться от сахара

5 main advantages of sugar to our health.

Sugar is considered to be one of the most harmful food products, however, it does have its advantages. 5 the most basic called experts.

Sugar gives people an immediate flash of energy.A healthy diet, designed to support productivity, includes sugar. Glucose is the main fuel source for the body, it appears after the breakdown of sugar. Sucrose contain a molecule of fructose and glucose molecules. The body breaks down these molecules, and the insulin helps to move glucose into cells, where it is instantly metabolized and converted into energy. Without glucose we would not be able to perform strenuous tasks.

Sugar helps to store energy. This product provides a sea of energy. After glucose is converted into energy, the body begins to store some in reserve. This process is called glycogenesis. Glucose molecules bonded together in chains of glycogen. These chains break down into single glucose if the body lacks energy.

Sugar and improves mood. It should not surprise anyone that sugar really makes us happy. This feeling arises from the fact that sugar activates the pleasure centers in the brain and promotes the production of the hormone dopamine, generating a feeling of euphoria.

Naturally sweet chocolate improves thinking skills.Chocolate is a source of natural sugar, it contains other healthy components. Every bite provides a burst of antioxidants along with cocoa flavanols. The researchers found that these flavonols improve cognitive brain function and even thinking skills regardless of how they were previously damaged.

Have natural sugars have the added nutrients. When you choose natural sources of sugar we also get some healthy nutrients. It is known that natural sources of sugar contained in fruits and vegetables and in dairy products. They all have plenty of fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients.

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