The doctors explained how to validate the safety of products before use

Врачи пояснили, как проверить безопасность продуктов перед употреблением

Check the products that you choose for yourself and your family

These ways products can be checked at home or in the shop.


Note the white streaks are too wide and fat. This means that the bird is fattened in a short time food with hormonal additives. Also important is the color of the meat: yellowness, tells about the staleness. Chicken meat should be pink, and elastic.

Врачи пояснили, как проверить безопасность продуктов перед употреблением


Cheese is often added starch and vegetable fats. Check whether they are a part, you can use a drop of iodine. If the starch is, the cheese will turn blue, if not — the color of the iodine will not change.

Leave some cheese at room temperature. If it has vegetable fat in a few hours, the curds will change color and covered with yellow crust. Regular cheese pocketnet, but the colors will not change.


Look like dripping honey from spoon. Surrogate intermittent stream flows, spreads puddle, good med — elastic jet, forming part of the slide. The caramel taste of honey suggests that it was heated, and the excessive sweetness and gives the presence of sugar.

Sour cream

To check whether the sour cream, vegetable oil, stir a spoonful of sour cream in a glass of hot water. The product is of poor quality will fall cereals, real sour cream has dissolved to a homogeneous turbid liquid.


Stale fish have cloudy eyes, and gills painted in a dark color. From fresh — scales shiny without mucus and fallen scales.


When choosing meat, press on it with your finger: fresh meat resilient and quickly returns to its original shape. Incise the piece: if in the middle of the meat is dark and has a bright outline — it soaked for artificial rejuvenation. Blot the surface with a cloth — fresh meat does not leave a strong moisture and pronounced blood trail.


Pick up a bundle. If the greens fresh, but much hangs on the sides, the color is too dark, and the stems are too long, then most likely helped to grow using nitrate. Good herbs elastic, natural green color.


“Calculate” cheese with vegetable oils on the basis of the product is low quality crumbling when cutting (this does not include the hard varieties like Parmesan), outdoors expose to the wind quickly and crack.

Врачи пояснили, как проверить безопасность продуктов перед употреблением

Leave a piece in the sun and watch: a good cheese will flounder, bad — hardens and the surface will be oil droplets.

Recall, deteriorate and lose their properties: what foods cannot be stored in the freezer

As reported Politeka, they are in the fridge at all: most wanted popular products

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