The doctors described the unusual symptom of diabetes: “a dangerous bell”

Врачи назвали необычный симптом сахарного диабета: "опасный звоночек"

British experts called the symptom that is “a Wake-up call” in type II diabetes

The doctors said that bad breath can be a symptom of diabetes, according to

According to doctors, one of the unusual symptoms of type II diabetes can be bad breath.

Врачи назвали необычный симптом сахарного диабета: "опасный звоночек"

Type two diabetes can cause the body instead of glucose burns fat. This produces ketones, which are often the cause of bad breath.

The cause of bad breath may be gastroparez in which the activity of the muscles of the stomach is reduced. Gastroparesis is a clinical syndrome that is characterized by impaired passage of food through the stomach due to the reduction of contractile activity of the muscular wall of the organ. And also cause bad breath, diabetes of the second type may be the high glucose levels in saliva.

British doctors made an announcement in the press that people who are not screened for high blood sugar, diabetes is often not diagnosed or not treated. Dr. Vidya of Aluri noticed that without treatment develops in the body diabetes can lead to the emergence of chronic diseases such as neuropathy (dysfunction of nerves), gastroparesis (digestive disorders), cardiovascular and in particular stroke.

Врачи назвали необычный симптом сахарного диабета: "опасный звоночек"

In the scientific article the doctors explained that in connection with high blood sugar levels in diabetics formed the ideal conditions for breeding in the mouth of bacteria, because of which breathing becomes stale.

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