The doctors called signs of alcohol abuse: “there are many”

Врачи назвали признаки алкогольной зависимости: «есть у многих»

The amount of alcohol consumed does not affect alcohol dependence

Alcohol causes severe dependence. According to Professor Vladimir Mendelevich, alcohol is a substance with high addictive potential-and in their ability to cause dependence it is exceeded only by hard drugs, heroin and cocaine.

The more alcohol consumed, the higher the likelihood that it will become an addiction. Recent experiments on mice showed that alcohol dependence can develop very rapidly, literally from the first SIP.

An alcoholic can be due to any kind of alcohol. Regardless of what alcoholic beverage she prefers, he may develop dependence. Its formation does not depend on the quantity and quality of alcohol.

Врачи назвали признаки алкогольной зависимости: «есть у многих»

“In accordance with the International classification of mental and behavioural disorders to “alcoholics” or those suffering from alcohol dependence, are those who have found withdrawal syndrome (abstinence), increased tolerance — the desire to “raise the dose” and so on. The number of drinks, like quality, are not relevant to the diagnostic criteria,” — said the scientist Vladimir Mendelevich.

Safe amount of alcohol does not exist. According to who, a safe level of alcohol consumption does not exist. Even the small doses of alcohol can cause serious health damage and significantly increase the risk of premature death from heart disease, cancer and accidents.

It is calculated that the use of small quantities of alcohol corresponding to one beer a week, leads to the atrophy of the memory center in the brain and to the deterioration of the work as a whole.

Врачи назвали признаки алкогольной зависимости: «есть у многих»

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Earlier it became known that the passion for beer, according to experts, most quickly turns into addiction. Due to the consumption of alcohol thoroughly worsens the condition, there are a variety of the disease, deteriorates brain activity and mental condition. The most unsafe alcohol drink is beer, it all rapidly create dependency.

Developing alcohol dependence is influenced by heredity and the frequency of its consumption. Most dependent on it become quite limited people, with a strong “influence of the boredom and dullness of life.” Beer is the most dangerous alcoholic beverage. This drink has strongest effect on the system on the brain and is quite addictive.

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