The doctors called analysis, which will save you from dozens of diseases: is only 200 UAH

Врачи назвали анализ, который спасет от десятков болезней: стоит всего 200 гривен

To identify the prerequisites to dangerous diseases can be easy and inexpensive

This was told by the cardiologist of the highest category Alexander hospital and the author of the blog “Your cardiologist” Anna Soloshenko, write News.

Actually there is no such analysis, making which can not only save his life, but also qualitatively change the next 30-40 years.

According to the doctor, considering 15 years of experience, she noticed that 75% of people of popadaet the hospital by ambulance and it was his first address to the cardiologist. And the doctor is forced to fight with the existing catastrophe, and not to engage in its prevention. But prevention is always easier, cheaper, more pleasant for the patient than any treatment.

“So today we rewind this scenario for 10-20-30 years ago and imagine that people read this article online, I came to an experienced cardiologist, and he gave him only one analysis — lipidogramu” said Soloshenko.

Врачи назвали анализ, который спасет от десятков болезней: стоит всего 200 гривен

This analysis is 200 UAH, to take it to the lab will take 10-15 minutes, but in the end the list of diseases which may not occur, will consist of more than a dozen “scabs”. And topping the list heart attack and stroke — are the Champions of disability in our country and throughout the world.

Ukrainian doctors often prescribe lipidogramu when patients already complain of pain in the heart area, shortness of breath, high blood pressure or arrhythmia. In this case I can say: this person has problems with lipidogramu for years, and these problems have led to similar symptoms. So, the doctor calls to do this analysis for prevention to avoid serious problems.

An experienced doctor will also tell you which state accelerate the process of cholesterol deposits in the vessel walls. In the first place is non-Smoking, high blood pressure, TRANS fat and high blood sugar.

Врачи назвали анализ, который спасет от десятков болезней: стоит всего 200 гривен

In developed countries doctors who prescribe lipidogramu all healthy people after 35 years, avoiding serious health problems.

The best treatment is prevention. This rule works perfectly for any illnesses and is especially relevant when symptoms persist, which we often overlook.

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