The doctor told me how to make the brain work: from why you need to give up

Врач рассказала, как заставить мозг работать: от чего нужно отказаться

American nutritionist told how to help the brain work better

A certified naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist Michelle Soffro told how to improve brain function.

In her view, in addition to various forms of the thinking process, to strengthen the health of the brain need to be physically active and to reconsider your diet.

First and foremost, he stresses these seven principles for good brain activity.

Врач рассказала, как заставить мозг работать: от чего нужно отказаться

Reduce consumption of red meat and dairy products. Saturated fats in meat and dairy products that can stimulate the production of cholesterol and beta-amyloid plaques that cause memory loss and development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Pay attention to the medication being treated. In a study published in the medical journal JAMA Neurology, scientists have discovered that drugs containing anticholinergics increase risk of dementia, dysfunction and shrinkage of the brain.

Anticholinergics are a large group of drugs used in the treatment of hypertension, heart disease, lung diseases, insomnia and other ailments. Such drugs include, for example, paxil, Benadryl, diphenhydramine, brompheniramine and others.

Add in the foods that are good for the brain nutrients. For better functioning of the brain, the body needs sufficient amount of amino acids from protein foods, complex carbohydrates for energy and healthy fats, such as omega-3.

It is worth adding to the diet Chia seeds, flax, sunflower, avocado, coconut, whole grains and bean products, nuts.

To function properly, the brain needs a constant supply of fuel and a stable level of blood sugar. The best way to meet these conditions – regularly, every two to three hours eat something containing protein or fiber.

Take time for physical activity. Five days a week, find 30 minutes for exercise. For the good functioning of the brain needs to be enriched with oxygen. Blood flow to the brain provide regular exercise.

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You can make long walks, skiing, dancing, or choose any kind of stress.

Refrain from food that contains TRANS fats. TRANS fats are the chemically altered fats that are part of the margarine and many processed and prepared foods. For the body they are dangerous and toxic, increase the risk of stroke and damage the membrane of the vital cell structures, including the brain cells.

TRANS fats are contained in margarine, store-bought mayonnaise, fast food, meat and other foods, powdered soups, potato chips, doughnuts, many candies and baked goods purchased.

Врач рассказала, как заставить мозг работать: от чего нужно отказаться

Reduce your consumption of sugar. Sugar triggers the development of many health problems. Large amounts of sugar in the body increases the likelihood of inflammation, which can lead to diseases of the brain. Try to replace sugar sweets for fresh fruit, dried fruit or honey.

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