The doctor told me how to keep the brain cells working

Врач рассказала, как заставить мозг работать

How to get rid of fatigue and sleepiness and focus on the work the doctor told

Tiredness, lack of sleep and stress can cause a sharp decline in health and inability to focus, in this situation experts recommended to maintain a brain healthy food and as soon as possible to establish the mode of the day. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

“Each of us at least once in life faced a situation when you focus on the work to quickly learn or process information just does not work. Often, the cause of this condition lies in the accumulated fatigue, long-term absence vacation, or simply a lack of sleep,” says the doctor.

Врач рассказала, как заставить мозг работать

According to her, in such a situation the best thing to do is to take a few days off and spend them in a pleasant environment and how to sleep.

“If a long vacation is impossible, I recommend, first of all, to establish a schedule and sleep at least 7-8 hours, eliminate from the diet of harmful products all fried, smoked, fast food and processed foods. While in the daily menu should include foods that support brain function and improve blood circulation and therefore the supply of the brain,” advises the expert.

In addition, to establish brain activity and focus will help choline is a fat-like substance and a component of lecithin, which helps to maintain the connection between the parts of the brain. Its natural sources — egg yolks and especially offal.

To maintain health is very important vitamin C — it helps the blood vessels of the brain and improves circulation.

Врач рассказала, как заставить мозг работать

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“So try to include in the diet daily for at least one grapefruit one or two oranges or Mandarin, drink tea with lemon or juice from black currant”, — the doctor advises Victoria Savitskaya.

Recall what to do to brain worked perfectly until old age.

As reported Politeka, American nutritionist told how to help the brain work better.

Politeka also wrote that the products that destroy the brain: “never eat this for Breakfast.”