The doctor told me how to get the maximum benefit from citrus

Врач рассказала, как получить максимум пользы от цитрусовых

The doctor told me how to eat citrus fruit, so that they bring maximum benefit to health

Citrus fruit — one of the most useful fruits in the winter diet, with the majority of vitamins and valuable microelements concentrated in the skin. However, as harmful substances. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

The seasonal fruit contains the highest amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, because doctors welcome the daily consumption of citrus fruits.

Врач рассказала, как получить максимум пользы от цитрусовых

“Any winter fruits are very good for health, but they are usually overseas and doing a long way to the Ukrainian shops and markets. And this is an additional danger — they accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria, not to mention the fact that fruits can be treated with chemicals, so long kept and preserved, and marketability. Therefore before consuming citrus fruits should be soaked in cold water for 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse, and then pour over boiling water,” he advised.

Ordinary Ukrainian apples winter varieties in the number of vitamins and minerals are not inferior to them, because the rule is to eat at least one fruit a day – advises specialist.

“The greatest amount of valuable substances contained in the skins of fruits – as apples and citrus. Because it is required to use in food. In any case, do not cut with lemon peel on the pretext that it gives bitterness.

By the way, the lemon cannot be put in boiled water and tea. Under the influence of high temperatures, vitamin C is destroyed, because where it is appropriate to throw a lemon in a warm drink before going to drink it, and that the tea had accumulated “sour” just squeeze it and then put in a mug” — suggests the expert.

Врач рассказала, как получить максимум пользы от цитрусовых

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