The doctor told me about the secrets of quality sleep-five tips

Врач рассказал о секретах качественного сна: пять советов

An Irish doctor told me what to do to avoid insomnia and to achieve quality sleep

Famous Irish doctor Pixie McKenna gave five tips for quality sleep. Foreign newspaper Express published an article relevant content.

Struggle with insomnia can be frustrating and overwhelming, causing anxiety and concern. Lack of sleep not only causes tiredness the next day, but also affects the mental and physical health, relationships with other people. Therefore it is extremely important to fully relax.

Врач рассказал о секретах качественного сна: пять советов

According to Pixie McKenna, the first thing to take care is relaxed, what will help drinking herbal tea, reading books, bath with aromatic oils. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the internal circadian clock of an organism. Its production increases in the evening after dark. That is why the lighting in the room should be minimal.

“Try to make sure you have curtains or blinds that block out as much light as possible, and avoid smartphones and laptops an hour before bedtime as they interfere with melatonin production,” — said the expert.

If you have problems with sleep it is important to avoid NAPs during the day, or at least it should be no more than 20 minutes. Sleep prevents and eating at a later time. If sleep does not come, better get out of bedrooms to avoid negative Association with the bed. You can watch TV or read a book.

We will note, earlier we wrote that sleep problems include: difficult to fall asleep, superficial, restless sleep, difficult awakening (early or overly late rise), feeling tired after sleep, said the doctor-physiotherapist Basil Kuprejčik.

Врач рассказал о секретах качественного сна: пять советов

According to him, medicine is effective for the treatment of sleep disorders, but they are often used by patients who do not follow the simple rules of sleep hygiene. To cope with insomnia without drugs.

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