The doctor told me about the rules of healthy sleep: what prevents sleep

Врач рассказала о правилах здорового сна: что мешает выспаться

The doctor told me that prevents us from a full night’s sleep and how to fix the situation

To feel rested after sleep, should follow three simple but important tips. You need to eat right, drink plenty of fluids and not to worry.

This was told by neurologist, member of the European headache Federation Tatiana Maikova, reports OBOZREVATEL.

According to experts, the average duration of sleep in humans is 7-8 hours.

Врач рассказала о правилах здорового сна: что мешает выспаться

“If you eat balanced, eat enough protein, i.e., meat, fish, dairy products, and carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, fruit, sleep problems will not be.

Also affects the quality of the water that people consume during the day. You need to drink plenty of fluids a day. A few hours before sleep it is necessary to abandon caffeine, and alcohol, because it interferes with healthy sleep.

The third reason that people can not sleep, – stress. Need to walk before going to sleep in the fresh air, to get rid of the adrenaline accumulated during the day. You can read a book in bed, – paper, not electronic,” she said.

If the fatigue of human remains, it means that he sleeps a little, or Vice versa a very long time, the doctor noted. She added that it is necessary to consider how many hours are allocated to sleep.

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“There are people who can sleep for 6 hours, and there are those for whom the norm is not less than nine. The average dream lasts 7-8 hours. But all the outputs beyond these figures – it is a pathology. The structure of sleep consists of five cycles in which there are deep and superficial phase. Each of these phases has its own function. In the phase of deep sleep occurs mainly the synthesis of our life proteins, hormones and so on. And play day-emotions, that is emotional discharge and memory formation, is in the surface phase,” said Maikov.

Recall, scientists have discovered a new way to slow the aging process: “all about sleep”.

As reported Politeka, the doctor called the time before which you need to sleep, that sleep was effective.

Also Politeka wrote what is called an easy way to keep a healthy mind: it needed an hour in the morning.