The doctor told me about the dangerous threat for men: how to stay healthy

Врач рассказал об опасной угрозе для мужчин: как остаться здоровым

The doctor told me about the dangerous problem of modern men

Regular exercise, avoiding alcohol and Smoking, drinking plenty of fluids will help men older than 40 to avoid one of the major threats of the modern world – heart attacks and strokes. This was told by chief physician network of medical centers (MC) “mother of the child with future” Vladimir Kotlik.

As the expert noted, after forty years the main problem of men at high risk of vascular disease due to hypertension and high cholesterol in the blood.

Врач рассказал об опасной угрозе для мужчин: как остаться здоровым

“Heart attacks and strokes today are not uncommon even in young men, but especially the risks increase after the age of forty. Men in this age full of strength and energy, in fact, in the Prime of life, and the vascular system is already faltering, — said the doctor.

According to him, it is necessary to periodically check the state of health and pass a comprehensive examination the specialists that includes a cardiogram, examination of thyroid, ultrasound of internal organs, etc.

“We need to make lipidogramu, the blood test for PSA (prostatic specific antigen) periodically to monitor the pressure. Again, it is important to do, even if it seems that you are completely healthy” — said the doctor.

If there are no obvious contraindications, the exercise is essential at any age. At least regular walks not only along trails and in parks.

Amosov said that for the normal functioning of the heart need to be at least 10 thousand steps a day. It’s a little, about seven kilometers, but this must be done daily. Now any smartphone, you can set the pedometer to monitor how much you walk per day. Believe me, many men, even two thousand steps per day do not. Office, car, house, TV, sofa – here “Ferris wheel” inactivity! But it is extremely important to give your body at least a small load to avoid unwanted problems.

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In addition, it is necessary to drink enough water. Sufficient – it pretty much depends on body mass, a large man weighing 90 – 100 kg you should drink about 3 liters of water per day, which is also the prevention of vascular problems. Moreover, water is not a classic tea, beer, or yogurt, and refers to the regular or mineral water, compotes, juices, herbal teas.

Врач рассказал об опасной угрозе для мужчин: как остаться здоровым

“Work, especially with people leads to burnout, so it is important to learn to switch emotions. This does not mean come home in the evening and drink vodka, no, you need to be able to switch without alcohol. I do believe that a man after forty years of alcohol and Smoking should be virtually completely excluded. It is necessary to protect their vessels,” added the doctor.

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