The doctor said, why have nightmares: “It affects the whole body”

Врач рассказал, почему снятся кошмары: "Это влияет на работу всего организма"

The doctor told me the horrible effects of bad dreams and what they appear

Night “horror” can cause chronic insomnia, stress and strong emotions, including the fear to fall asleep again. This was stated by the psychologist Victor Lewandowski.

“If nightmares often plagued by you is as soon as possible to establish the reason why you see such unpleasant dreams. Because poor sleep affects the whole body, to care of the person, his brain activity and so on…

Врач рассказал, почему снятся кошмары: "Это влияет на работу всего организма"

It is worth to mention that to provoke nightmares can some medicines. Most often this “sin” Beta-blockers. This medicine expand blood vessels. Thus, such drugs often change the balance of some brain chemicals, which increases anxiety in the daytime, and provoke nightmares in the night. If you this happens, consult your doctor may need to change the drug,” said the doctor.

Among other reasons — heart disease, migraines, insomnia.

The study, which was conducted by Dutch physicians showed that people with cardiovascular disease often have nightmares in my sleep. This is because this disease is often accompanied by breathing problems. Lack of oxygen to the brain trying to signal a bad dream, to Wake up the body.

We will add, earlier we reported that scientists have found a way to get rid of nightmares and told how to do it.

To effectively get rid of the nightmares helps the method of rehearsal, mental images, intentional representation of the terrible stories and images that scare.

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To get rid of nightmares, you need to imagine the plot likely a bad dream in a relaxed and peaceful state. The content of the dream needs to change as long as the plot and nothing will be left unclear and alarming. It disturbed Association, “sleep threat” removed the anxiety and sense of helplessness.

Врач рассказал, почему снятся кошмары: "Это влияет на работу всего организма"

This method — a kind of cognitive reappraisal, which many (consciously or not) used in everyday life. The most famous example of this strategy: the performance in front of a large audience to provide listeners in their underwear.

We will remind, the scientists said, what do the disturbing dreams and how to determine impending illness

As reported Politeka, scientists have discovered why all people see the same dreams

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