The doctor said that prevent weight loss: “It’s a vicious circle”

Врач рассказала, что мешает похудению: "Это замкнутый круг"

The dietitian explained what the problem hinders weight loss and that will help to achieve good results

Negative emotions, fear, loneliness, guilt and dissatisfaction suppress our emotional state and lead to excess weight. This was stated by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Under stress, a person does many things automatically, including chewing, with feeling of fullness it also feels. Psychologists call this the “binding problem”.

Врач рассказала, что мешает похудению: "Это замкнутый круг"

“One way out, however psychologically difficult or even bad you could not control yourself, not stomp to the fridge – the food problem is not corrected, and in most cases will only exacerbate. This is especially true for those who toils complexes. Most fat women hate their body and believe themselves ugly, even defective. Clocked themselves to the edge, they again seek support for favourite dishes are often sweet and high in calories, but in the end it only gets worse. It’s a vicious circle.
It may be worthwhile to seek the support of a specialist,” advises the expert.

According to her, the reason for quick weight gain can also become chronic fatigue and lack of sleep.

“With a lack of sleep, the body has no time to recover and trying to stock up on energy. In addition, when time to sleep a little, just not enough time to process all the necessary body substances — so they are postponed “for later,” explained dietitian.

We will add, in childhood, people were instilled in us the habit of nutrition, which in adulthood becomes a cause of excess weight.

A new study has shown that many people overeat and gain weight because of the syndrome “syndrome clean plate” grafted from childhood.

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“The concept of clean dishes has many roots, — said Connie Dickman (Connie Diekman), Director of University nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis. — Hungry children worldwide, the shortage of food during the First or Second world war and, of course, the fact that many people do not notice feelings of fullness and to eat until the food disappears. And this problem is global, that overeating is a component of our growing problem of overweight”.

Врач рассказала, что мешает похудению: "Это замкнутый круг"

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